What is Ozone Therapy?

Treatments such as stem cell therapy are constantly getting known worldwide for their benefits in enhancing the healing properties of the body and supporting our immune system. Another treatment that is currently growing in popularity is ozone therapy. In general, when we hear the word ozone, we may refer to it as the layer that is blocking the suns UV rays. The molecules used for the ozone therapy is somewhat toxic if it is used in large amounts. However, if it is used in small controlled doses, then its applications can have positive health benefits.

The Common Procedure of Ozone Therapy

Medical ozone therapy is made up of a mix that involves using an ozone generator. The gas in the generator is made up of ozone gas along with medicinal oxygen. This will then be administered to the patient through various techniques such as intradermal, or intravenous (IV). An ozone generator is basically a hyperbaric ozone therapy machine that that is used to carry out the treatment for the ozone therapy. Blood enters the veins with the help of a pump system also known as autohemotherapy.

Autohemotherapy is another term for intravenal ozone therapy, is done by extracting blood from the patient. The blood is then mixed with the ozone gas in a sterile vial with an anticoagulant. It is then immediately infused back into the patient through the same entry point. The whole therapy process is done in a closed and sterile environment with a system that connects the patient with the glass vial which is the ozone generator.

Ozone therapy may also be done through rectal. The therapy can be administered using a suppository catheter, or by a nurse with the patient’s consent. The procedure will last for about 15 to 30 minutes and is done in a secure environment.

Ozone therapy is usually applied to treat various diseases and illnesses such as migraines, poor blood circulation, arthritis, and improves the immune system. It’s also a known fact that ozone therapy can be used to treat herniated discs. This therapy is for people above the age of 25 who wants to regain their balance and quality of life. The therapy will help rejuvenate you and make you feel better especially if you have diseases or suffer from arthritis.

Possible Side Effects of the Treatment

During the treatment, there may only be some minor side effects. For example, accidentally inhaling the gas may lead to minor symptoms such as the burning of the eyes, coughing, nausea, or even a headache to sensitive individuals. Rectally administered ozone therapy may provide discomfort to the patient, mild cramps, but the symptoms can pass quickly. Some patients may feel like they are going through healing symptoms during which a patient may feel a bit worse than having flu. The side effects are all minor and may only happen during the treatment. In cases where expert doctors are administering the treatment, they can help the patient with the symptoms immediately.

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