Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

Many doctors are already using stem cell therapy to treat patients with arthritis, but it still not considered as a standard treatment for it. Experts are still researching for ways on how to use stem cells and maximize their potential to treat arthritis. Stem cells are non-specialized cells that are located throughout our body.  They are special because they are capable of duplicating themselves and differentiating to other cell types such as muscles, tissues, and cartilage cells.

How Stem Cells are used for Arthritis

Researchers suggest that when stem cells are diverted into certain areas of the body that is injured, they transform into the needed cell type in order to heal the injury. Some patients that need surgical procedures, for example, a torn knee meniscus, the stem cells are applied during it in order to enhance the healing properties and allow the patient to recover faster.

Some patients with less severe injuries are treated using stem cell injection. The stem cells are delivered directly to the joint where the arthritis is. Usually near the inflammation which is the root cause of the pain. Some physicians use medical imaging such as ultrasound in order to deliver the cells in the precise area or site with cartilage damage to fully utilize the stem cell’s effect.

For that seeking stem cell therapy for arthritis, there are no medical guidelines to get them. The decision if the patient will go through the therapy will be done by the doctor and the patient. However, researchers suggest that the effect of the treatment will also be based on the severity of arthritis. Patients with severe arthritis can benefit from the treatment and may reduce their symptoms. However, patients with mild arthritis are said to have more beneficial outcomes from the treatment.

Deciding To have Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy will always vary depending on the physician who will perform it. Some physicians may choose patients that have minimal cartilage damage or those who are healthy. This is because they may be cautious and want to make sure that the patient receives favorable outcomes after the treatment. They are also considering the patient’s safety and want to ensure that the treatment is painless as possible for the patient.

If you are considering stem cell San Diego therapy, then you should be prepared to ask the right questions. Don’t hesitate to ask what the doctor’s experience in performing the therapy is. This will help you measure how well he or she has been practicing the treatment. You can also ask if they use machines such as medical imaging when using stem cell injection. This is for you to know that they are precise when treating injuries. Simple questions such as how the therapy is done and the risks of going through with the procedure or anything that can help you ease your mind must always be asked on the first meeting with your physician. Always remember that if you are comfortable with the physician in charge of your treatment, then you can go through with it. If you are not, then you can easily find another one.

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