The Cost of Stem Cell Treatments

There are various stem cell treatments that are being offered to patients with various conditions. Especially in the U.S., stem cell treatments are generally offered in almost every state. However, many patients that often seek the treatment don’t know how much they may need in order to get the treatment.

Cost of Stem Cell Therapy

In general, the cost will always vary depending on the type of treatment the patient will undergo. Athletes that are injured from sports whether it’s on the arm, knees, or ankles, they often seek stem cell treatment. This is because stem cell treatments are non-surgical which means that the wound will recover faster. This will allow them to return to their sport faster than getting surgery. Athletes often opt for stem cell treatments for this reason and are willing to spend the money on it. This stem cell therapy is often done through IM injections or IV which may cost around $10,000 per treatment. Stem cell treatments that are done for arthritis or people suffering from back pain have a similar price range.

For more complex treatments such as bone marrow transplants which are also a type of stem cell treatment, this is more expensive. Bone marrow transplants are done after a patient has received chemotherapy or radiology. These two treatments can damage the immune system of the patient because it kills cells. Bone marrow transplant comes in by replacing those lost cells with new ones. If the stem cells are extracted from the patient then it may cost around $30,000 – $50,000 for this autologous transplant. However, if the patient is receiving the transplant from a donor then it may cost more.

How to Choose the Right Clinic for Stem Cell Therapy

You can never know where the right clinic is or how experienced is the physician if you don’t know how to ask the right questions. When you meet with your physician that offers the stem cell San Diego treatment, don’t hesitate to ask questions.  Ask them directly, how much experience they have in providing the treatment. They will then share their knowledge on stem cells; the more they know about the procedure the less the chance of you having complications after it is done.

To be more specific you can ask how many times they have been successful in treating their patients. You will want an honest answer, and the most honest answer you can receive from asking this question is that they will explain to you that the success rate will vary. Some patients will respond well to the treatment while others may not.

You should be cautious when choosing a clinic that offers solutions to multiple conditions using stem cell therapy. This is a red flag and you may want to avoid these. Excessive claims to treating conditions that are not proven or seem impossible can be their marketing strategy only. Always remember that stem cell therapy is not a quick and easy fix for any condition. The more you know about the clinic and the doctor, the better you’ll feel about making the right decision.

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